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Paulette Carrington will direct and host all events. Dates to be announced.


Tile portraits of Avis Lee and Paulette Carrington were painted and fired in 2017-18. Both were funded by Leeway Foundation.

In 2024, I hand-made and high-fired tile mural portraits of Betty Heron and Cyd Berger. Both came to prison in 1982 and 1980 respectively, as severely battered women. Both have endured over 40 years of incarceration. Victims' families have objected to their freedom. After over 40 years, the humane act of pardoning has been devalued at great cost to everyone. 

Rose Dinkins has been incarcerated since 1972, 52 years! This portrait is a duplicate, made in 2002. Funded by Leeway Foundation, the original is installed on 44th and Locust Streets in West Philadelphia.

This portrait was painted in 2003, with narrative added in 2024. Sharon Wiggins, beloved by staff, prisoners and anyone who was fortunate to know her, died in prison after applying for commutation 13 times. A video of her describing her grandmother's memory can be viewed here.


Six tile mural portraits of life-sentenced Sharon Wiggiins, Rose Dinkins, Betty Heron, Cyd Berger, Avis Lee, Paulette Carrington and an additional, more recent portrait of Cyd Berger, seen here in the Pardon Garden.

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