I'm hand-building and low-firing ceramic platters, bowls and plates in the 1950's Series, and, concurrently, finishing Fiesta Time. 


Fiesta Time is a series of oil paintings on linen celebrating an intimate relationship of 22 years with my garden.


In stark contrast, the ceramic series expresses the plight of women in the 1950's. I see a relationship to the struggle of women then and now.


The impact of the pandemic on women and their children left many mothers parenting full time in isolation. The recent threats to Row v. Wade portend a grim future for women's rights.   


When the platter below chipped, I painted a bow that became a portrait of my childhood experience of my mother in Iowa in the 1950's.


Middle class women in the 1950's were ostracized if they developed outside their severely limited, dependent roles as wives and mothers. I understand the injustice my mother endured more clearly as I witness the tragic events of today.



Infantilized in the 50's 18_.jpg

1950's Woman-Baby, Low-fire, Hand-painted, Hand-built Platter, 18" in diameter, 2021