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is a series painted during the pandemic of 2020  

2020 SOS in the studio

Head Down, 60"x58", oil on mylar, 2020

Lacey, 63x54%22.JPG

Lacey, 63"x54", oil on linen, 2020

Lacey 30%22x22%22.JPG

Study for Lacey, 30"x22", oil on mylar

chief2020SOS 70%22x54%22.JPG

Chief 2020SOS, 70"x54", oil on linen

Study for Chief 30%22x28%22.JPG

Study for Chief 2020SOS, 30"x28", oil on mylar

Pink and Blue 30%22x23%22.JPG

Pink and Blue, 30"x23", oil on mylar

(2) 2020SOS.JPG

Two  2020SOS, 60"x120", oil on mylar

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