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Mother with Alzheimers.jpg

Mother with Alzheimer's, oil on clay board, 20"x16", 2006

Post Op I, oil on board, 48"x24", 2011

Post Op II, oil on board, 20"x16", 2011

Inspection, oil on board, 48"x26", 2009


David after DBS,62"x36", graphite, pigment, polymer on mylar, 2014

Dean, Muybridge Boy,60"x60", oil and graphite on board, 2018

Baby Dean, 48"x24", oil and graphite on board, 2009 

Wet Lashes, Camille, oil and graphite on board, 36"x24", 2009

Mother Sleeping, graphite and oil stick on clayboard, 24"x18", 2007

Father's Last Breath, oil stick and graphite on clayboard, 20"x16", 2009

Bailey 27x22%22.jpeg

Bailey, 27"x22", oil on mylar, 2020


Penny, 26"x27",oil on mylar, 2020

Benji 27%22x16%22jpg.jpeg

Benji, 20"x16", oil on board, 2020

Shiloh 48%22x17%22 2.jpeg

Shiloh, 48"x17", oil on mylar, 2020

rescued from Puerto Rico!

Millie 20%22x16%22jpg.jpeg

Millie, 20"x16", oil on board, 2020

Eight of Them.jpg

Eight of Them, Scarlet, 48"x60", oil on mylar, 2020

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