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Cyd Berger

Cyd and me, 1992..jpg

Cyd Berger on the right, with me, in 1992, while painting a mural together at SCI Muncy.

Mail letters of support to:


The Pennsylvania Board of Pardons
333 Market Street
15th Floor
Harrisburg, PA  17126

my 2022- 2021 letters of the PA Board

Twenty four years later, my grandaughter, 18, and I, visited the Cyd Berger Mural, on Kaplan's Bakery at 3rd and Poplar. Little did I know, in 2000, that Cyd Berger would still be trapped in prison.

Narrative on the 2000 Cyd Berger Mural:

Cyd Charisse Berger has been in prison in Pennsylvania since 1980. She is sentenced to life without parole although she did not commit the murder. Previously, she tried to escape from him but he beat her until she returned. Just before he killed the victim, he practiced on Cyd Berger. She helped her abuser flee and reported him to the police. Cyd Berger is asking the governor to pardon her sentence and needs support. Her abuser was the murderer. For information about the details of her case, contact the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women. 215-351-0010.

Portrait of Cyd Berger, 4'x5', oil on canvas, 2022

on exhibit at the Painted Bride Art Center

video of developing portrait


Portrait of Cyd Berger at Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral in 2018

Portrait of Cyd Berger on the right at the Politico Cafe in 1994 in the Philadelphia City Hall Courtyard

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