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Cyd Berger

Cyd and me, 1992..jpg

Cyd Berger and me in 1992, painting a mural together at SCI Muncy.

Cyd Berger's plea for pardon in late April was rejected again. View the hearing here: 

Board of Pardons Part 1


0:00 Cyd Berger (denied)

Letters of support must now be sent via the Postal Service instead of by email to:

c/o Pardons Secretary Celeste Trusty

the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons
333 Market Street
15th Floor
Harrisburg, PA  17126

my 2022- 2021 letters of the PA Board

Cyd 8%22.JPG



Free Cyd Berger, High- Fire, Hand-Built, 8"in Diameter, 2021

10. Cyd Berger.jpg

Free Cyd Berger, oil on mylar, 48"x36", 2014


Cyd Berger, 64_x48_, Print on Mylar, 201

Free Cyd Berger, oil and print on mylar, 64"x48", 2016

Cydblack and white 5'x5'300PXL.jpg

Free Cyd Berger, acrylic on canvas. 5'x5', 1996 

Cyd, 16%22.JPG

Free Cyd Berger, Low- Fire Plate, 20"in Diameter, 2000

3. Eastern State Penitentiary 5'x5', 199

Cyd Berger, acrylic paint on glass, reversed, installation at Eastern State Penitentiary, 1997-2000

Cyd straight mural.jpg

Cyd Berger Mural,Ceramic Tile, 5'x5', 2000, 3rd and Poplar, Philadelphia 

Cyd Berger, 38_x20_, acrylic on glass, reversed, 2000

Cyd Berger, 38"x20", acrylic paint on glass, reversed, 2000 

Cyd in cage.jpg

Cyd in a Cage, 32"x36", acrylic paint on glass, reversed, 2002

Free Cyd Berger.jpg

Free Cyd Berger, Acrylic paint on glass, 24"x24", 2001

Cyd Berger in 1992. 20%22x16%22jpg.jpg

Free Cyd Berger, 22"x16", oil on linen, 1999

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