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In studio, 2022

Homage to Libby, 48"x36", oil on canvas, 2022 

Libby's Green I, 60"x60", oil on canvas, 2022

Libby's Green II, 36"x84", oil on canvas, 2021

Libby's Green III, 60"x36", oil on canvas, 2021-22

The Grid, 60%22x87%22.jpg

Light Grid,60"x87", oil on mylar, 2020 

detail, The Grid.jpg

Detail, Light Grid

High Noon 60%22x96%22.jpg

High Noon, 60"x96", oil on mylar,2020

High Noon , detail 60%22x96%22.jpg

Detail, High Noon

Zoom 60_x92_.JPG

Zoom, 60"x92", oil on mylar, 2020

Detail, Zoom.JPG

Detail, Zoom

Backsplash I  46x32, .jpg

Backsplash I,46"x32", oil on linen, 2021 

BackSplash II 42_x36_.jpg

Backsplash II, 42"'x36", oil on linen, 2021 

Greg's 4'x4'.jpg

Greg's Grid I,48"x48", oil on linen, 2021

Greg's 5'x4'.jpg

Greg's Grid II,60"x48", oil on linen, 2021 

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