Anna and me.JPG

Anna and me in front of FleshTime Untitled, 86"x88", February, 2021

photo by David Madeira

She/They on Clay, FleshTime2020SOS FierceTime, and 2020SOS Grids

I began 2020 painting grids, in part because of the Zoom phenomenon. This quickly shifted to FierceTime in response to the George Floyd murder and the awakening of white communities.


Now I'm painting the FleshTime series with only four colors: cadmium yellow light, cadmium red deep, ivory black and zinc white. I've used this combination for over 40 years when I want to accurately depict any skin color. But in this series, I paint without the constraint of depicting anything literal.


In concert with the FleshTime Series, I'm hand-building, painting and high-firing ceramic bowls. In this She/They on Clay Series, I celebrate people who visibly reflect our evolving humanity.

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