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Hand-Built, Bowls and Plates

Video: Bowls at Camp

Millinneal in 1955 17_.jpg

A Millenneal in 1955, High-Fire, Hand- Build Platter, 17" diameter, 2021

How U see me 10_ Bowl.jpg

I am how You see Me, High-Fire, Hand-Painted and Built, 10" in diameter, 2021

Infantilized in the 50's 18_.jpg

1950's Housewife,High-Fire, Hand-Built, 10" in diameter, 2021

Stark Beauty13_.jpg

Side Ways,High-Fire, Hand-Built, 13" in diameter, 2021

Your Job 10_.jpg

It's Your Job to Make Me Happy, High-Fire, Hand-Built, 10" in diameter, 2021

RBG 19%22.jpg

RBG 2020SOS, 20", High-Fire, 2020

Rosa, 11%22.JPG

Rosa,High-Fire, Hand-Built, 11" in diameter, 2021

I aspire 10_.jpg

I Aspire to be How You See Me, High-Fire, Hand- Painted and Built, 11" Diameter, 2021

Perfevt wife ideal home 7_.jpg

I'm the Perfect Wife in the Ideal Home, Hig-Fire, Hand Built and Painted, 11" diameter. 2021


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