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Cardinalis Series

is inspired by my garden and a specific, prolific plant, lobelia cardinalis.

Cardinalis Triptych Study48_x77_.jpg

Lobelia Cardinalis Study, 48"x77", oil on mylar, 2019

Cardinalis Fiesta 48x45.jpg

Fiesta Cardinalis, 48"x45", oil on mylar, 2019

Fiesta Lobelia48_x70_.jpg

Cardinal Plant at Dusk, 48"x70", oil on mylar, 2019

Lobelia Cardinalis Fiesta 48_x45_.jpg

Cardinalis Lobelia Fiesta,46"x45", oil on mylar, 2019

2017 Lobelias in Garden 42_x48_.jpg

Cardinalis in My Garden, 42"x48",oil on mylar, 2017

Cardinalis Lobelia Triptych 1 8'x5'.jpg

Lobelias Cardinalis , oil on mylar, 96"x60", 2019

Cardinal Plant in Garden for website.jpg

August, 2019, a detail of some of many cardinal plants.

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