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Life-Sentenced Women

Betty Heron, oil on linen, 72"x36",

2020 SOS Series, 2020


Cyd Berger, oil on canvas, 48"x60", 2022

We have collaborated since the late 1980's. More here

Brenda Watkins, oil and graphite on mylar, 48"x48", 2018 

Click here to watch the video portrait of Brenda Watkins

Sharon Peachie Wiggins, 48"x45", oil on mylar, 2018

more video and images

Rose Dinkins oil, graphite 37”x36” 2015-

I AM, Rose Dinkins, 37"x36", oil and graphite on mylar, 2015-16 

Click on image to hear Rose Dinkins as the portrait develops.


Marie Scott, oil on mylar, 55"x44", 2018

1.Avis Lee, oil on mylar, 60_x48_,2018.j

Avis Lee, oil and graphite on mylar, 60"x48", 2018

Click here or on image for other work and video projects related to Avis Lee

Paulette Carrington, oil on mylar, 70"x42", 2017-18

Teri Smallwood, oil, wax, graphite on mylar, 57”x36”, 2015

Click here for to see the video portrait

Kennetta Andrews, oil and graphite on mylar, 60”x36”, 2014

Kennetta Andrews was a guard at SCI Muncy

video of Kennetta's voice with the developing portrait

LJ Kittle, oil, wax, graphite on mylar, 60"x36”, 2014

LJ Kittle was a Treatment Clinical Supervisor at SCI Muncy. 

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