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Tenor Hall Basement, the activities space for prisoners at SCI Muncy, was transformed in 1992 thanks to an ambitious collaboration with life-sentenced women Sharon Wiggins, Betty Heron, Jesse Alexander, Marilyn Dobrolenski, Cyd Berger and Avis Lee.

Peachie,Cyd,Betty,meMuncy mural 2.jpg

From left front: Sharon Wiggins, Cyd Berger and Betty Heron. I am painting a caryatid image on the wall 

SCI Muncy Egyptian Faux Tile Mural

Painted with life-sentenced women and me in 1992

Sharon Wiggins and Jesse Alexander designing the faux Egyptian Tile Mural in the SCI Muncy Activities Building, 1992

SCI Muncy Activities Building Basement Floor adapted to faux Egyptian Tile, 1992

jesseactivities floor.jpg

Jesse Alexander painting on the Activities Basement Floor in 1992

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