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The Rose Series   1981-1982

The Rose Series, and the woman who was my model, awakened the necessity for dramatic unforeseen change.  The evolution of this series forced an awareness that I never anticipated as a young mother. In an agonizing process, I left family life to develop my painting. In 2024, these paintings were rolled up in storage for decades. I reflect on the impact the process of painting this series has had on my development and choices as a painter and a mother. And my ongoing friendship with Rose, over forty years later, continues to challenge and inspire me. 

Rose, Early On, oil on canvas, 60"x36", oil on canvas, 1981

Rose,Full Term, oil on linen, 60"x60", 1981

Rose, After, oil on linen, 42"x82", 1982

Rose, Recovering, oil on linen, 36"x48", 1982

Rose, Upright, oil on linen, 84"x 42", 1982

Rose, Ready, oil on linen, 68"x30", 1982

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